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 "My name is Richard Garrin, owner/operator of Tyt Lynz Guide Service, located here on St. Maarten.

I’ve been fishing the waters of St. Maarten since I was old enough to hold a rod. With over 30 years of serious fishing experience I love seeing the look on a person’s face when they land their first fish or a personal best.

The only thing I love more than catching fish is guiding someone to life long memories.

Finally, Tyt Lynz Guide Service is the only fishing operation on St. Maarten to ever have a client receive IGFA certification. 

I hope to fish with you soon!"


A few comments from past clients:
His first tarpon made it worthwhile

Monday, August 17, 2015
We fished with Richard Aug. 7th 2015 and had a great time. The day started slow but aftr a few hours he had us on the tarpon. The smile on my nephew's face when he landed his first tarpon made it worthwhile. If you are thinking about fishing for tarpon book with Richard.

Mike Katulis

Great time - he taught us novice fisher-women how to fish!”

Richard was great. My friend and I don't even fish. He had to teach us how to cast a reel! But he did and we got it down and my friend even managed to bring in a good sized tarpon! Then becase of traffic our time was cut short, so he scheduled a second night without cost so that we could get the most of our experience. A class act!


Richard delivered!

I had the oppurtunity to fish  with Richard in July 2015 and he delivered like a PRO!

I had been on 4 tarpon trips to Florida over the years with no success. Then when planning my vacation to St. Maarten came across Richard and decided to give it a go.

Well from the time we arrived at our first post we could see the tarpon rolling and feeding offshore. A quick change of our offerings and we were slinging plastic in their faces.

A half dozen casts and the surface exploded and my drag was screaming as the first tarpon began his show.

20 minutes later and I had my pics, my inaugural tarpon scale and released my first tarpon to fight another day.

Thanks Richard for the long awaited experience. I will return!

Jamie F.

Wow! What a trip!!!” Great time Richard!!

I still can't believe the fishing you have there!!  My first tarpon ever! Hooked up in just seconds after the livey hit the water! We must have had at least a dozen in our short outing.

Can't wait till next time.

Best fishes, Ethan


“Great fishing with "Great" Grandsons”

After twenty years of visiting
St. Martin I went fishing with my grandsons, ages 14, 12, & 8. Richard was great, treated us like family. From catching live bait to fishing off the rocks to beach fishing the boys had a fantastic time. Richard is a real pro. Looking forward to doing this again. Thanks Richard

"Hey Richard,
Just wanted to thank you for the trip and going above and beyond .....  A huge bait ball hung pretty close to the rocks, and I got to watch it go back and forth with tarpon trailing behind and pelicans diving in, right in front of me   Pretty exciting fishing, to say the least. ... Needless to say all these fish were the biggest I've ever had on my fly rod.  I think it is safe to say I am definitely hooked on tarpon.... I wish you the best, and thanks again."
C.C., Texas

The finest fishing on St. Maarten is found along the many beaches, rocky shores and saltwater grass beds of the inshore waters. Tyt Lynz Guide Service offers world class  inshore/onshore fishing along some of the most prestine coastlines on St. Maarten. Professional fishing excursions with local flavor, are only available fishing with local guide, Richard Garrin.
Wake up early, watch the sunrise, wrestle a fish that will have you bragging back home, and be back in time for morning shopping in Philipsburg or enjoy the sunset while breaking a personal best and enjoy dinner dockside at one of the island's great restuarants.
Fishing on St. Maarten is rarely done in the heat of the day.  The fish take a siesta like most and then come alive in the afternoon when the sun starts to cool allowing you to spend time at the beach without worrying about if they're biting.

Enjoy the sunset from a new vantage point while fighting the fish of a lifetime, and be on time for dinner.
From the time the first tourists set foot on St. Maarten decades ago the sport fishermen were drawn to the beautiful azure waters and the quarry found while trolling offshore. Fast forward to the 21st century and the inshore waters of St. Maarten are still relatively untouched....

With all the hustle of a top Caribbean destination St. Maarten's inshore waters teem with large numbers of tarpon as well as bullish jack crevalle. But the KING of the inshore waters is definitely the snook that seem to have no size limit and are as numerous as the sunsets are beautiful.


There are several hotspots for Tarpon on St. Maarten. The southern coast has been one of the premier Tarpon spots for decades. This is a popular destination for hard core fishermen and some really big Tarpon and Snook are caught every year.

Seasons: Tarpon are always around the lagoons, quiet bays and Leeward shorelines. Traditionally high season for larger fish is during the dry months from November through March. The wetter months still see 100 pound Tarpon with the largest recently being a 220 plus pound Tarpon on for an hour and 15 minutes before wearing out the 100# leader, so Tarpon can be caught year round.

Method: Tarpon tactics are different depending on where you are fishing. In the channel mouths jigging, drifting live bait and lures are common. In lagoons and along the shoreline sight fishing is common. Guides look for fish “rolling” or feeding and try and place lures and live bait in with the feeding Tarpon. However, the largest being taken from a dock on an 8” live mullet at night under a full moon.

World Record: 283 lbs. (tie) Sherbro Island, Seirra Leone and Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela


SPORTING QUALITIES: Most Snook landed in the United States are caught by anglers fishing in Florida with live bait or artificial lures, including saltwater fly patterns. In St. Maarten anglers fish year-round by wading or using boats to fish among the mangroves,in the passes and inlets as well as along the beaches. A popular method is to freeline a live baitfish on or just under the surface. Bait such as small mullet, sardines or silversides are caught with a cast net. Some sardines are crippled and released, others are retained for bait. As the Snook move in to feed on the crippled minnows, a sardine is placed on a 1/0 or 2/0 hook and allowed to drift over the feeding fish. A stiff rod and medium-size baitcasting or spinning reel with 15- to 20-pound test line is standard for all except the larger individuals.

Seasons: Snook are caught year round in the rivers and river mouths on the Pacific and Caribbean Coast. Snook are also caught in the Simpson Bay. The current World Record Snook was caught on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and the old record was caught just south of Quepos, Costa Rica. There are lots of really big Snook caught every year on St. Maarten. There is also a smaller species of Snook called the “Fat Snook”. They averages 5 pounds and if you catch a run you can get into some great fishing and great eating, averaging 20-30 fish per day.

Method: Snook are generally caught casting live bait, jigs and lures in and around the beaches. Not many tourist or charter boats target Snook. Most Snook caught by locals are with hand lines and live bait. Live bait is best for the big Snook and small white jigs are best for the smaller Snook.

My best day: The best day for me personally was several years ago when I landed a 51lber off a beach and noticed that the fish had come in with a pod of "Super" Snook and the fish I had hooked and eventually landed was the smallest amongst them. All these fish were all a foot wide across the back.

World Record: 53 lbs. 10 ounces (common snook) Parismina Ranch, Costa Rica


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