Snook honey hole!
Snook honey hole!

"My name is Richard Garrin, owner of Tyt Lynz Guide Service, located here on St. Maarten. I’ve been fishing the waters of St. Maarten since I was old enough to hold a rod. With over 30 years of serious fishing experience I love seeing the look on a person’s face when they land their first fish or a personal best. The only thing I love more than catching fish is guiding someone to life long memories.

With a degree in Marine Biology I’ve spent the last 15+ years exploring and guiding fishing excursions around the island. I am confident that I can show you a fantastic time on the shores of St. Maarten while having you discover the many fisheries that St. Maarten possesses.

Many people fish the island only to be dragged around the ocean. Give me a call and let’s plan a REAL fishing trip."

Richard will assist you with the skills needed to find consistent success, especially with artificial lures!  Here are just a few of the topics covered on any given outing:

  • Where & how to find game fish
  • Lure presentation & improving casting skills
  • Rigging techniques
  • Understanding habitat
  • How tides & lunar periods work
  • Seasonal tendencies

Whether stalking Snook through the beautiful a quiet bay at sunrise or hooking big Tarpon or Jack Crevalle on the French side of the island; he is an expert at his game. His knowledge and experience of the local waters help Richard do what he does best...CATCH FISH! 

'Please release me let me go.'
"Please release me let me go."

Richard specializes in Tarpon, Snook, and Jack Crevalle. Live bait and lures bring the thrill of these adversaries to life.

There is nothing like seeing a hungry Jack Crevalle chasing down a top water plug  or inhaling a perfectly presented fly. Your next thought is usually if you have enough line and/or backing.

Man, what a drag!
Man, what a drag!

Then there's the excitement of the elusive Snook taking line on a run toward the nearest coral head. It's not always the battle of will power but rather the battle of the brawn. Tangle with the right one and your forearms will definitely remember the following morning.
Liftoff!....Houston, we have a problem.
Liftoff!....Houston, we have a problem.

Except maybe picking a fight with a 5 foot 100+ pound Silver King (Tarpon) and having him put on an unforgettable aerial show with heart stopping jumps. These Tarpon are plentiful year round and are even found in the few ponds on the island