No Seasickness guaranteed or your money back!
How can we make that guarantee?

Wade/ Surf Fishing (Morning/Afternoon)

While the inshore waters of St. Maarten are host to several species of fish those most targeted and abundant are tarpon, snook and jack crevalle.The trip whether morning or afternoon offers hotel pick-up and approximately four hours of fishing.

During your trip you will fish three or four of the most productive spots for your trip.

Tackle is 7 – 9 ft spinning gear featuring Penn Battle Reels and you’ll be throwing various tried and proven lures and/or live bait* based on recommendation and your preference.

(* - $20 surcharge for live bait)

A beautiful beach and fish too?
A beautiful beach and fish too?
Morning Trip

A pre-dawn pick up from your hotel and a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer, depending on your preferencve, is the typical start of a morning excursion.

From there it is off to one of the bays to see the sunrise while waiting for that sought after first bite of the day.

Who said I can't kiss him? Or is it her?
Who said I can't kiss him? Or is it her?

As the day progesses we'll explore two or three additional bays and/or beaches over 4 hours until we've found the fish or until we've caught enough.

Imagine all this and back at the hotel before 10:00am. Living on a small island does have it's advantages.
No dreaming here!
No dreaming here!
Afternoon Trip

The sun is dropping on the horizon as the water laps at your feet.
The fragrance of tropical blossoms dances in the air as the sweet gentle Tradewinds brush your face.
Then, with no warning, all hell brakes loose.  Your reel is screaming and your adrenaline starts pumping  .

No you're not dreaming, you are enjoying a typical afternoon trip.

We pick you up about 4:30pm and spend four hours  fishing into the early evening.  There is no better way to work up an appetite than a late afternoon battle with a snook or tarpon.

Imagine jumping 5, 10, or even 20 tarpon on a single outing.*

Very few places have such a high concentration of tarpon like St. Maarten when they are on the Feed..

Montana Trout guide's first tarpon.
Montana Trout guide's first tarpon.
Attention Fly-fishermen: Bring your 8 or 9 wt. with plenty of backing and your flies as we encourage the fly guys but do not provide fly equipment.