Forms of Deposit Payment: We have upgraded our payments options.

We now accept:

  • Cash, and
  • Credit cards via PayPal

PayPal Payment Selection:

Select your trip type from the drop-down menu:
  • Morning/Afternoon,
  • Full-Day,
Then the appropriate payment:
  • Deposit, or
  • Prepaid
Finally the amount of persons in your party
  • One person,
  • Two persons,
  • Additional person(s),
  • Non-Fishing person(s).
Cancellation-policy:  Your deposit will be refunded in case of conditions beyond our control. Weather related cancellations will be rescheduled where and when possible.
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Deposit for 4hr trip
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$50.00 USD
Deposit for Full-day
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$100.00 USD
Prepaid 4 hr - 1 Person
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$175.50 USD
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